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Consider the best fishing rod that you now own. Is there anything about it you don't like? Would it be better if it had a longer handle? A shorter handle? Would it be more enjoyable to fish it if balanced in a different location? Would you like it more if it was lighter or more sensitive? Would it suit you better if the handle, grips or seat were fashioned out of different materials? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place.

True custom rods should be designed around the particular and specific needs of the individual fisherman. The rod that works best for one fisherman will not work the same way for another fisherman. My job is to consider your personal requirements and use my experience to create a rod that suits your personal needs in a specialty fishing tool.

Custom rod with lure

Please take a moment to visit the pages on my site to learn about how I can help you to enjoy fishing with a rod that has been designed and created with your personal needs and interests in mind.

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